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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out various social contribution programs to give back to the public,
fulfill its social responsiblities as a public institution and
help create a better world for the next generation.

In 2018, we engaged in systematic and effective volunteer work that was organized into four categories: Emergency Relief Support, Human Resource Development, Future Building and Talent Sharing. KIC’s Social Contribution Committee meets quarterly to approve plans that conform to KIC’s mission. We then carry out our volunteer activities on an ongoing basis to ensure they are effective.

  • Emergency relief support

    Helping vulnerable groups, including children in shelters/orphanages, low-income families, people with disabilities, seniors living alone, children with rare diseases or cancer and single-parent households, gain self-reliance and stability through donations, sponsorships, volunteer activities and disaster relief

  • Human resource development

    Giving hope to future generations by sponsoring college students from low-income households, providing tuition for children from multicultural or single-parent households and donating books to facilities in island and mountainous areas

  • Future building

    Sponsoring overseas programs for children and relief/development, participating in local volunteer programs and sponsoring organizations and programs serving the public interest

  • Talent sharing

    Contributing to the advancement of the domestic finance industry by sharing insights and expertise through external committees, events, etc.

Emergency Relief Support

Since 2012, KIC has partnered with the Korean Open Doctors Society to provide free medical care and relief supplies to foreign workers. We recently expanded the scope of care recipients to include those living in boarding houses and low-income seniors. Last year, as part of our first overseas volunteer initiative, we also visited Siem Reap, Cambodia to provide local children and other residents with free medical checkups, health education, relief supplies and even some entertainment.
KIC has worked with the Seongbuk Welfare Center since 2014 as well. Every quarter, we volunteer with the Center to serve seniors living alone and those with severe disabilities, as well as to upgrade their homes. In 2019, we donated food, including ginseng chicken soup and kimchi, for those with disabilities and helped them with certain activities, including playing the Korean game yut, engaging in the sport of curling indoors, baking pound cakes, enjoying drip coffee and bathing. We also provide financial support every year for patients suffering from rare or incurable diseases and children with cancer. In 2019, we offered financial support for children from low-income families and shelters, youth at orphanages who are supporting themselves or looking for jobs and single-parent households. We installed safe steps in boarding houses and delivered winter supplies to vulnerable groups as well.
More specifically, during the Korean Chuseok holiday, about 70 KIC executives and employees served 1,500 seniors a healthy lunch at the Seoul Elderly Welfare Center. We provided emergency relief support after the massive wildfires in Gangwon Province through the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association and relief funds to residents of typhoon-affected areas. We also launched the global Hope T campaign to provide meals for children fleeing areas impacted by climate change and T-shirts designed by KIC staff.

Human Resource Development

KIC has supported a college scholarship program for students from foster care and those suffering from financial difficulties through the Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF). We continue to sponsor educational expenses for children from multicultural or single-parent households in the Seoul metropolitan area and support a program that supplies books to island and mountain regions in Korea as well. Our aim is to encourage talent and foster future leaders so they can stay committed to their studies and pursue their dreams.

Future Building

As an overseas investor, KIC has expanded the scope of our global cooperation by partnering with Good Neighbors to sponsor underprivileged children in Asia, Africa and South America. We have also supported projects aimed at providing relief abroad, and our overseas offices have participated in local volunteer programs. KIC sponsors environmental and public welfare organizations as well. Our goal is to leave a better world for the next generation.

Talent Sharing

In 2019, we continued to hold campus seminars for undergraduates, financial education sessions for youth and opportunities for free career counseling to cultivate interest in the finance industry among potential future financial experts. The KIC staff also shared their investment know-how through participating in external review & assessment committees, conference panels, seminars and lectures to contribute to the development of Korea’s finance industry. Through expert and systematic volunteering, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities as a public institution.