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Investing assets entrusted by the government, Bank of Korea and public funds in the global financial market

Domestic Network

Contributing to the Local Finance Industry

In keeping with its mission, KIC works to contribute to the development of the local finance industry. We share our overseas investment knowledge through various channels to boost the competitiveness of the industry. We also cultivate asset management professionals and lead co-investment programs with local public funds to support the domestic finance community.

Public Community for Overseas Investment and Public Funds' MOUs for Overseas Business Development

KIC started the Public Community for Overseas Investment (PCOI) in April of 2014 to support the development of the domestic finance industry, one of its founding missions. Through four meetings in 2019, we shared best practices and information about overseas investment with domestic pension funds. Participants also exchanged views and information on the global financial market outlook, ESG investment strategies, global quant equity investments, proptech, energy infrastructure and other issues of common interest. KIC will continue to cooperate with and support the PCOI’s growing membership of 23 institutions to boost the overseas investment performance of Korea’s public sector.