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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Compliance Standards


The Corporation shall specify work procedures and standards that should be observed by officers/employees to ensure sound investment and to protect the interests of sponsors pursuant to related law.

Fiduciary Duty

Officers/employees shall fulfill their fiduciary duty and carry out their duties in good faith.

Priority on Sponsors’ Interests

The sponsors’ interests shall precede the interests of the Corporation and officers/employees. The interests of each sponsor shall be treated equally.

Prevention of Conflict of Interest

Officers/employees shall not commit acts that are or may be in conflict with the interests of the Corporation and the sponsors.

Chinese Wall

The Corporation shall set up Chinese Walls to block the exchange of information between departments that have access to confidential data and departments whose functions are not related to such data. The Chinese Walls may be in the form of separate workspaces, blocking access to computer systems, separate reporting hierarchies, and separate storage of documents.

Prohibition of Unfair Transactions

Officers/employees shall refrain from the following unfair acts:

  • Investment acts that violate various restrictions on investment
  • Causing others to promise to shoulder the burden of losses
  • Giving and receiving gifts or favors
  • Churning intended to increase trading commissions
  • Entrusting the bulk of trading of assets to a particular broker

Restriction on Personal Trading by Officers/Employees

Officers/employees who wish to trade in financial and investment products that correspond to the items under Article 64, Paragraph 2 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act for their own interest shall abide by the following:

  • Report opening of the trading account
  • Trade under his/her name
  • Select one broker
  • Report trading details to the Compliance Officer on a quarterly basis (monthly basis for Investment Management Division personnel)

Soft Dollars

Soft dollars are permitted only for research and analysis that will enhance investment capability, discounts on service and brokerage fees related to investment.

Prevention of Money Laundering

Officers/employees shall take precautions to prevent exploitation of the Corporation in any money laundering activities.

Handling Complaints

The Corporation shall introduce guidelines for the procedure for handling and reporting a grievance, complaint, or dispute related to the sponsors. Any grievance or dispute shall be given priority over other duties and handled in a prompt manner.