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Investing assets entrusted by the government, Bank of Korea and public funds in the global financial market

Investment Process

KIC’s investment process is focused on improving long-term investment returns based on stable asset management..
  1. Set investment goals Set long-term investment goals to preserve and increase the value of sovereign wealth
  2. Conduct macroeconomic and capital market analysis & discover new asset classes Carry out mid- and long-term macroeconomic research
    Discover and analyze new asset classes
    Analyze capital market expectations for each asset class
  3. Implement strategic asset allocation Analyze the risk-return profile and investment constraints for each sponsor
    Set optimal asset allocation rules to improve long-term returns
  4. Establish investment management plans Analyze and forecast mid- and short-term financial markets
    Establish mid-term and annual management plans based on the economic outlook and financial market forecast
  5. Execute investment strategies Execute an asset allocation strategy based on house views decided at quarterly asset allocation forums
    Preemptively analyze risks according to financial market circumstances and reflect them in the overall portfolio
    EEstablish and implement investment strategies within risk limits for each asset class and fund investment
  6. Monitor and analyze performance Analyze ex-post risks and performance factors for the entire portfolio and individual investments
    Correct setbacks and reflect improvements based on performance and process monitoring